X5 Wireless


X5 Wireless Mobile HMI for human safety

The X5 Wireless Handheld HMI is a compact and lightweight device with an ergonomic design. Wireless connection with certification for safety devices makes this product the ideal solution for industrial applications. 

Integrated devices (keyboard, potentiometers, handwheel) can be fully programmed assuring a quick use with your automation project. X5 is fully programmable with JMobile.

Working in combination with the Xbase (Base Station) as a peer-to-peer SIL3 rated Wi-Fi connection, the flexibility of the X5 can be realised.

Where there exists the need to easily connect and command movement by distance. where a full day’s battery life is useful. Where the fatigue of the operator is important to reduce so that human errors do not occur….the X5 system provides the most ground-breaking solution.

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Xbase Base Station is a rugged and compact controller designed as the companion device for wireless safety handheld HMI devices such as X5. The device includes safety hardware matching the one installed in handheld devices and provides hardware safety signals ready for connection to machine safety circuits.

Safety wireless communication is based on Wi-Fi with support of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands for worldwide operation.

The combination of xBase and handheld devices such as X5 wireless implements the unique no-touch pairing procedure invented by Exor and makes them the ideal solution for field interface to demanding systems such as the AGV’s.

The product can integrate JMobile HMI with HTML interface and powerful gateway functions and Corvina Cloud secure remote connection. Speaking across the vast library of JMobile protocols as well as OPC UA to higher enterprise level control, the Xbase is a true Plug and Use product.

  • Linux-based open platform 
  • System settings by web browser 
  • 2 Ethernet ports for network separation WAN/LAN
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi for safety communication to handheld devices 
  • Ready for Corvina Cloud secure remote connectivity 
  • Supports JMobile protocols including OPC UA server and client

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