Visualization and Connectivity Software

JMobile is a principle driving force in the X Platform.

In just one easily learnt software suite, JMobile completely covers the connectivity, device management, process management and data visualization essential for the lower levels of any Industrial IoT platform architecture.


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  • High User Interface Experience
  • Create IIoT ecosystems with reduced risk
  • From Shop Floor to Cloud / Big Data
  • Real Interoperability
  • Great HTML5 interface with JM4web
  • Create Alarms with associated Alerts
  • Efficient scripting with JavaScript
  • More than 200 communication protocols readily available for all platforms with gateway function
  • Browser widget
  • Integrated PLC runtime as an option for compact control solutions. Include full support of
  • networked I/O
  • Software and documentation available in 4 languages: EN, DE, FR, ZH
  • Multi platform runtime: Linux ,Windows, Windows CE, HTML5