Corvina Cloud

Connectivity Management

Corvina Cloud 1.0 is an advanced connectivity management solution that puts you in controlof your IIoT business.

Leading seamlessly from the JMCloud offering, Corvina Cloud 1.0 is powerfully robust, highly scalable and offers advanced VPN capabilities.
The user interface is incredibly clean and easy to use. Web-based it allows all your remote devices, networks and users to are able to communicate securely.

Corvina Cloud 1.0 can be offered as an on-premise cloud infrastructure that delivers the uptime and performance needed for industrial applications and control services at any scale.

Corvina Cloud 1.0 is the EXOR International solution for Remote Control and Teleassistance, based on secure VPN and Web access.


Key features


  • Single click of the mouse to gain access to all devices
  • Enables maintenance and installation cost reduction
  • Increases Industry 4.0 implementation by completing the IIoT Whole Product Solution of the X Platform
  • Allows new business services opportunity to final user
  • Shows location and status information of all devices in the field
  • Access to web server of device using standard browser on pc, tablet and mobile
  • Creation and management of multiple small entities on the same installation
  • Break up a large enterprise into smaller departments, that shall remain separate and host all of them on a single Corvina interface
  • Completely accessible and configurable from browser

Online Manual: